Our team

Viktor Szabó

He has a degree in economics but it is much more revealing to say that he is a real perpetuum mobile. He already worked as an entrepreneur during his university years, he is unstoppable, he is not satisfied until he creates the conditions for realising his ideas. Proof? He had a role in building three successful firms in a one and half decade.

Dr. Csaba Farkas, PhD

Aircraft structural engineer (with specialization in composites), welding engineer, PhD. He is obsessed by making aircrafts even more perfect, by making flying an even greater experience. However, he is not only a planning expert: he is also at home in the cockpit. He flew his first aircraft at the age of 14 and has been training and teaching pilots for more than a decade. Click here for his detailed professional CV.


Zoltán Csőke

Zoltán does not only ensure the smooth functioning of the company but plays a significant role in managing our business development tasks as well. Besides, he is the one who almost acts as a personal assistant to guarantee the comfort of our guest pilots, he transmits their individual wishes to the technical team. He does all this to make pilots feel at home with us.

Péter Szollár

Péter is responsible for supervising and coordinating the respect of legislation and rules. He also monitors the documentation prescribed by the AS 9100 quality management system. He actively participates in coordinating our business development projects and in writing and realising our project proposals.

Gizella Suszterics

Gizella keeps our finances in order, always and everywhere. The least we can say is that she could be the model for the statue of thoroughness. She checks everything at least twice and never misses the small print.

Helga Héjjas

When she joined us, we did not yet know that our team increased with two members at the same time. Her four-legged family member, Radar, also accompanies her to the office from time to time.

Tamás Rohács

Tamás is a qualified test pilot with an EASA CAT-1 flight test rating, an ATPL pilot with a BSc in flight engineering. Tamás was 16 when he first flew on a glider, at the time only as a passenger. That five-minute flight proved decisive for him. A year later, he was the pilot on an engine aircraft. He is proud to have learned from the greatest figures of the profession, he still respects his teachers and is in touch with them. His love for flying only increased in the past more than two decades. As a pilot engineer, he participates in the control of the basic flying characteristics and performance of the GenPro.

Tamás Csibri

Tamás has been with us since the beginning, he was the first to join our company. He actively participated in turning the idea into reality. He is an expert of composite technology and he is an extremely successful amateur photographer.

Ferenc Sebe

Ferenc has a profound knowledge of master sample models, toolmaking and prepreg technology. So far, he participated in the building of almost 50 aircrafts, and he has been building models in his workshop at home for more than three decades.

Norbert Földvári

Norbert is great at problemsolving, he does not believe in impossible things. Maybe we have not yet figured out the answer but there is always a solution. That is why he is constantly studying and loves to test his knowledge in all sorts of tasks. He has the chance to do so, as no two days are alike in this company.

János Eperjesy

János was among the first to join our team. He is true to his family tradition, as technical interest and the love of flying are handed down from generation to generation in the family.

Tibor Sallai

He works on the frame of our aerobatic aircraft. He is familiar with international standards, as he has one and a half decades of international professional experience.

Zoltán Turi

Zoltán has been an important member of our team for three years now, and this will probably not change for a long time. He likes diverse tasks and there are many of those in our company.

László Salamon

László changed the world of multi to the creative community of Genevation when he joined us. He does not know the impossible in material knowledge, surface modeling and engineering design, in the mysteries of SOLID Works.

Anett Gudricza

Anett is wonderfully energetic and enjoys being with others. She never stops, she is constantly busy. We must admit that it is not easy to keep up with her extraordinary speed.

Attila Csányi

We may safely say that Attila’s hobby is his profession. When he is not varnishing the GenPro, he is painting. The painting method does not matter – airbrush or oil –, as long as there are colours.

Csaba Dráviczki

Csaba is definitely not a couch potato, nevertheless, he appreciates calmness and placidity. He worked for several big companies after graduation, then he finally found us.

Imre Varga

He likes tasks where he can create something lasting, a new quality. Besides, he is never afraid of challenges.

Pál Varga

Pál likes diverse tasks involving creativity and manual skills and those where the quality of work is important. That is precisely why he likes to work with us.

Miklós Virga

The more than one decade spent in the military as an aircraft mechanic made precision his second nature, and he does not lose his temper even when tasks require increased patience.

Jenő Kávásy

It is never too late to learn, insists Jenő, as the knowledge acquired may come handy in work and private life alike. That is why he likes to construct tools: he gets to know several areas and has an opportunity to learn a lot from his colleagues.

Péterné Kovács

Order is very important. Terike ensures order in the office and in all areas of our company.

László Faragó

He has been interested in everything connected to flying since his childhood, this is one of the reasons why he likes to work with us. In his freetime, he builds airplane models and has also tried parachuting.

István Fazekas

Even as a child, István disassembled and reassembled everything around him. No wonder he chose engineering. He joined our company right after graduation, with his brand new degree.

Csaba Jáksó

He has welded everything, with the exception of submarines and spaceships. Now he uses his great professional expertise for constructing the GenPro.

Zoltán Szabó

Zoltán joined the team with many years of composite experience, so we can safely rely on his expertise in the preparation of each of our products. He is involved in production as an employee of the composite department.

László Polyák

László is an extremely versatile man: electric engineer, pilot trainer, official examiner, commercial pilot and so on. As this suggests, he has been passionate for everything connected to flying since his childhood. His wide and profound professional expertise has served the development of the electronic and navigation system of our aircraft since the beginning.

Venter Laura

Laura joined the Genevation team after graduating from John Neumann University. His daily tasks include receiving and recording incoming materials, inspecting them from a quality perspective, liaising with our manufacturing partners, and complying with ISO 9001, AS 9100 standards.

Csaba Balog

He has great experience in creating the electronic systems of aircrafts. He is the happiest when he must find unique, customized solutions to a situation, instead of using templates. His favorite moment in work is when a thought comes true and everything works perfectly.