Airport information


Name: Jakabszállás
Location: 2km/1nm S Jakabszállás
Co-ordinates: N464453 E0193619
Elevation: 111m 364ft
Call sign: Jakab INFO
Frequency: 125.2
NAV AID: BUG R323 5.3nm
Traffic Pattern: 14 RH, 32 LH 1000ft AGL
Airport Category: Non-public Airfield
Operating hours: night until 22.00 (LT)
NVFR: available
IFR: nil

Visual Approach Chart


RWY Dimension Surface TORA (m) LDA (m) Load Lights
14L/32R 600×18 asphalt 600×18 600×18 RWY
14R/32L 1000×30 grass 1000×30 1000×30 nil


1. Only VFR flights are allowed.

2. Flying over Jakabszállás is prohibited.

3. In case of using the grass runway asphalt runway and its taxiways can be used for taxiing when taking off or landing.

4. Landing is approved without AFIS. Open air tie-down position can be used without prior permission.

5. The airfield can only be used with the authorization of the owner or operator except aircrafts in emergency.

Warning: 1. Glider activity possible
Operator: Mészi Air Service Ltd.
Chief: Imre Mészáros
Cím: H-6078 Jakabszállás Pf. 9.
Phone: +36-76-382770, +36-76-382177
Fax: +36-76-382777
Mobile: +36-30-9584034 (Imre Mészáros ), +36-30-9585188 (Imre Csík)