About Us

Szabó Viktor István

Managing Director

Economist. Co-founder of Genevation Aircraft Ltd.
Viktor gained his experience as managing director in the field of research and development, in human resource management and in energetics. His relation with aviation started in 2012, whenceforth he works exclusively on the success of Genevation Aircraft Ltd. as its Managing Director. His main visions are: long-term and daily developments; dedicated workers; and a secure economic environment.

Dr. Csaba Farkas, PhD

Design and Production Leader

Csaba is a mechanical engineer, a welding engineer, an aircraft structural engineer (with specialisation in composites), and aerospace engineer, PhD. Co-founder of Genevation Aircraft Ltd.
He has over 10 years working experience in the Aerospace Industry. Also attended a number of aircraft design, manufacture and licensing airworthiness courses and has a high-level of designer’s knowledge of type-certification relating to aircraft FAR-23, CS-23, CS-VLA, LSA, LTF-UL, RBAR-Part-E and BCAR systems in autogyro and helicopter categories.

François Le Vot

Test Pilot

François Le Vot was a fighter pilot at the French Air Force and gained considerable experience as a trainer. His passion for flying originated in the French Air Force, where he was a leading member of the aerobatic team for over 11 years. In2012 he won the silver medal in the Unlimited European Championship and shared a gold medal in team competition. His greatest triumph was in 2013 when he won the world title for Compound Unlimited. François Le Vot is the test pilot for GENPRO.

Tamás Rohács

Test Pilot

Tamas is a qualified test pilot with an EASA CAT-1 flight test rating. He is holding an ATPL licence with 15 years of experience in commercial and general aviation. He holds an Aircraft Engineer BSc, and also completed “Theory of Flight Testing” course at Budapest University of Technology and Economics, and a course “Introduction to Fixed Wing Performance and Flying Qualities Flight Testing” in the USA at the National Test Pilot School. His main focus and tasks are in developments as a flight test engineer, and as a flight test pilot he is involved in the evaluation of our aircraft’s basic flying qualities and performance for the preparation of the EASA type certification process.

Tamás Csibri

Plant Leader

Tamás has 10 years of experience in the field of aerospace, acquired during the construction of more than 50 airplanes. Specializing in composite technology, his main qualification is in Mechanical Engineering Information Technology. He also has a Certification of Synthetic Resin Composite Technical. He has excellent experience in the prepreg technology and vacuum infusion process.

Ferenc Sebe

Composite Department Leader

Ferenc’s aircraft construction experience has 15 years of history. He has expertise in the various areas of composite technology. He is professionally qualified as a synthetic resin composite technician. Ferenc has thorough professional knowledge of master model production and tool-making as well as prepreg technology. He has been involved in the building of nearly 50 aircraft.

János Eperjesy

Metalworking Department Head

A metalworking specialist, János had his first experiences with flying in 1980. Specialized in CNC, he has nearly 30 years of experience.

Prof. Dr. Gyula Óvári

Technical Officer

Gyula is a University professor involved with teaching at the University of Technology and Economics and the National University of Public Service. His main research area is the Air Force innovation and aircraft operability.